Jamie Lee Curtis Wants To Play Chris Evans’ Mom Again In The MCU


Horror legend Jamie Lee Curtis wants to play Chris Evans‘ mother again in the MCU. The Halloween icon and the Marvel star previously worked together on Rian Johnson’s hit crime thriller Knives Out, and the pair have shared many a hilarious social media interaction since then, showing fans how close they got while making movie. And now, in response to news that Evans might be suiting up again as Captain America, Curtis has asked if she could pop by the franchise, too, as Steve Rogers’ mother.

This week, Evans took to Twitter to – not all that successfully – quell talk that he’s in discussions to return to the MCU by sharing a brief tweet. “News to me,” it read, in reference to the reports. Curtis then replied to the message, asking: “Can I play your mother? In every film you do?”

Evans responded to his movie mom’s comment, joking that: “It’s going in the contracts.”

Obviously this is just a light-hearted Twitter exchange, but it’s got us thinking that, you know what, it would be kind of amazing if Curtis did show up in the MCU, especially as Cap’s mom. As revealed in Captain America: The First Avenger, Sarah Rogers died in 1936, a few years before he got the super soldier serum. If Evans really is returning as Steve, though, then maybe there’s room for a moving flashback to his mother’s death somewhere, with Curtis occupying the role?

In any case, the actress will next grace our screens in this October’s Halloween Kills, her latest turn as Laurie Strode, which she’s promised will be a “masterpiece”. Chris Evans, meanwhile has fingers in a lot of pies, including Adam McKay’s star-studded satire Don’t Look up, due on Netflix later this year, and Pixar prequel Lightyear, in which he’ll take over the role of Toy Story‘s Buzz. As for more of him in the MCU, it’s said he could be back for a bunch of supporting appearances, but nothing’s been confirmed just yet.