Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Her 1 Request For Halloween Kills

halloween kills

As original lead of the entire franchise, top-billed name in the cast, executive producer and second biggest selling point behind watching Michael Myers murder the sh*t out of everyone, you’d imagine that Jamie Lee Curtis would have quite a bit of sway over the direction of Halloween Kills.

While that may or may not be the case, the legendary scream queen isn’t one to go making absurd demands befitting of her status as one of the genre’s all-time greatest icons. In fact, Curtis revealed in a recent interview with Variety that she had but a single request ahead of shooting on Halloween Kills, and it concerned having her ass on show.

“My only input in the 2021 movie was about the hospital gown because Laurie is wounded and has a surgery in a hospital. My concern was they had written scenes where Laurie is running down the hall with her daughter in a hospital gown. You put Arnold Schwarzenegger in a hospital gown, he looks like a wimp. They’re designed for a specific purpose, but they just don’t help you create a character.

I was a little bit vocal about how soon we could get Laurie back in her clothes. The idea of me running down a hall of a hospital with my ass hanging out of a hospital gown just seemed counterproductive. My only contribution really was putting her back in her bloody old clothes. That of course wouldn’t have existed because they would have cut her clothes off. Anyway, we have a lot of logic police going on.”

Curtis makes a good point; Laurie Strode wouldn’t be the same veteran badass that captivated audiences in the first chapter of the trilogy if she spent the entirety of Halloween Kills running around in a hospital gown, although she is wearing it when she jabs herself in the butt with a syringe at one stage.

Halloween Kills has positively dominated the box office this weekend despite tepid reviews, and let’s hope the concluding installment is much closer in quality and spirit to the first, especially when Curtis is fairly confident it could be her last hurrah as Laurie.