Jamie Lee Curtis shares another sneak peek at ‘Halloween Ends’ featuring familiar faces

Michael Myers against a fiery house backdrop
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Jamie Lee Curtis is gearing fans up for the last instalment of David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy with a new behind-the-scenes pic with some familiar faces.

Halloween premiered in 2018, with Halloween Kills following in 2020, bringing Curtis to reprise her role as Laurie Strode. Strode is hell-bent on ending Michael Myers once and for all, and Halloween Ends will lay the groundwork for her to have the opportunity.

In preparation for Halloween Ends, Curtis shared a photo with two fan-favorites on her Instagram profile, and we can’t get enough. The image sees Laurie, Lindsey (Kyle Richards), and Allyson (Andi Matichak) together at a local hangout, and they look like they mean business. Filming for Halloween Ends has reportedly been happening over the last week.

Together till the end, the photo’s caption teases that the girls don’t just intend to take Myers on; they intend to win the all-out war they’re waging against him, surviving the fight and reigning supreme after all’s said and done.

Digital Spy reports that a rewrite to Halloween Ends happened due to the fan reaction surrounding the return of Lindsey. Her character will now have a more significant role in the next film.

In addition to the Instagram snap, Curtis shared a selfie with her Twitter followers yesterday with a sly grin. Laurie Strode is coming for Myers, and she’s not going to stop until evil dies, for good this time.

Of course, this is the horror genre we’re talking about, and Myers has escaped certain death before — we anticipate it won’t be an easy fight to win.

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