Jane Levy Is Open To Playing Batgirl, Huntress Or Black Canary


Birds of Prey looks to be the next Worlds of DC project to go before cameras, with the all-female team-up film said to be gearing up for production in January 2019. If that’s the case, we imagine some casting announcements will surface over the next few months. Though at the current moment, only Margot Robbie is locked in to reprise her role as Harley Quinn.

One of the most hotly-contested characters to appear in Birds of Prey is of course Batgirl. Ever since Joss Whedon was attached to direct a solo outing for her last year, many actresses have put their name forward to play the part of the commissioner’s daughter turned superhero.

Recently though, someone who’s become a pretty popular choice is Jane Levy (Suburgatory, Don’t Breathe). Apart from her acting talents, the red-headed star is a close match to the classic look of the comic book character. What’s more, she seems very interested in the role herself, previously Tweeting that she’d be up for the part in response to a fan.

Now, however, she’s also said that she’d be willing to play some other characters in Birds of Prey, too, telling MTV the following at Comic-Con the other week.

“I don’t know anything about what’s going on, I just am honored people on the internet tell me they think I should play this beloved character.”

When asked if she’d be open to portraying Huntress or Black Canary, the actress said:

“Sure, but I don’t know who Huntress or Black Canary [are]. 100%, I’m in. Thank you for getting me a job. Yes, I’m in.”


Personally, I wholeheartedly support this casting choice because not only was Jane fantastic in Fun Size and the Evil Dead remake, but as we said above, she also looks like Barbara Gordon as if pulled right from a comic book. Really, Cathy Yan would be hard pressed to find someone better suited to play the character than her, so it’d be best Levy go to the front of the line at the time of auditions.

What do you think, though? Is the actress the perfect choice for Batgirl, or would you rather see her as Black Canary or Huntress? Let us know in the usual place below.