Fan Art Imagines Jane Levy As Arkham Knight-Inspired Batgirl


Though we can’t be sure of which DC films beyond Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 will actually make it to the finish line, one of those seemingly gaining the most traction is that of Birds of Prey. I mean, not only did it recently receive a director in the form of Cathy Yan, but it’s also being backed by Margot Robbie herself. Because of that, I think this picture stands a far better chance of seeing the light of day than, say, The New Gods.

Despite not much having been revealed concerning the team-up flick at this point, we do know that Harley Quinn and Batgirl will be the central characters. Aside from them, Black Canary and Huntress are likely to join the party as well, but Catwoman is not. Time will tell who’ll ultimately be included, of course, but comic book readers likely know on whom to place their bets.

As it turns out, the casting department won’t have to strain themselves if they listen to the growing movement supporting Jane Levy being hired to play Batgirl. If you hadn’t heard, she’s expressed interest in playing Barbara Gordon, so it’s high time for somebody in Hollywood to begin listening.

Fortunate for those of us supporting the cause, we have a talented artist going by “Atlant.99” providing added incentive for folks still on the fence. In this instance, Levy can be seen donning Barbara Gordon’s costume made popular by the hit video game Batman: Arkham Knight.

Previously, artwork showing Jane in New 52 getup made its rounds, but I really dig this particular piece shown today because it’s much more vibrant and detailed. The variations between the costumes worn by Babs during the New 52’s earlier days and those from Arkham Knight may have subtle differences, sure, but each likely have their supporters.

So, while we wait for more official word regarding Birds of Prey, who knows, maybe someone out there will show us how Levy would appear in the “Batgirl of Burnside” era duds, or maybe even the threads designed by Sean Gordon Murphy that’ll debut in the comics later this summer. If so, we’ll be sure to share those with you as well.

Source: Reddit