Here’s What Jane Levy Would Look Like As Birds Of Prey’s Batgirl


Though we can’t be sure of which DC films beyond Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 will actually make it to the finish line, one of those seemingly gaining the most traction is that of Birds of Prey. I mean, not only did it recently receive a director in the form of Cathy Yan, but it’s also being backed by Margot Robbie herself. Because of that, I think this picture stands a far better chance of seeing the light of day than, say, The New Gods.

Despite not much having been revealed concerning the team-up flick at this point, we do know that Harley Quinn and Batgirl will be the central characters. Aside from them, Black Canary and Huntress are likely to join the party as well, but Catwoman is not. Time will tell who’ll ultimately be included, of course, but comic book readers likely know on whom to place their bets.

Barring Harley Quinn, who we know to be played by the aforementioned Margot Robbie, the casting department certainly does have their work cut out for them, as they’ll be tasked with filling the roles of several iconic characters. Granted, some of them may not have appeared in live action many times before, but each heroine we’ve discussed today boasts a devoted following to call their own.

Fortunately, there exists someone who’s perfect for the Batgirl position, that being Jane Levy (Fun Size, Evil Dead). If you hadn’t heard, she’s expressed interest in playing Barbara Gordon, and has since been met with much positive reaction online.

And thanks to some artwork (seen above) by way of datrinti’s Instagram page, we have a fair idea of what Levy would look like in and out of costume. Suffice it to say, these impeccable renditions firmly illustrate the actress’ uncanny resemblance to Babs. Whether or not Birds of Prey will feature a costume comparable to Batgirl’s early days in the New 52 remains to be seen, but it’s certainly very possible.