Watch: Jared Leto Calls For Warner Bros. To Restore The SnyderVerse

Jared Leto Joker

The debut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League may have ended the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign, but it’s given birth to another social media cause that DC diehards are clamoring behind. #RestoreTheSnyderVerse is the new rallying cry online, with fans demanding that Warner Bros. allow the director to continue his original vision for a Justice League trilogy. And it’s not just the fans, either, as DCEU star Jared Leto has now lent his support to the movement.

A Twitter account dedicated to getting the David Ayer cut of Suicide Squad released has uploaded a brief video from the Joker actor in which he declares “Restore the SnyderVerse.” Though the clip was shared without context, it appears to be genuine, so this is a pretty big deal. The JL cast previously rallied behind the call to release the Snyder Cut and that got things moving. Will history repeat itself if others follow Leto in throwing their weight behind this new cause?

The Dallas Buyers Club star made his debut as the Clown Prince of Crime in 2016’s Suicide Squad and then finally returned in the role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which allowed his Joker to appear opposite Ben Affleck’s Batman for the first time. It’s no surprise that he’s behind the idea of Snyder being allowed to continue his vision, then, seeing as he owes the filmmaker for bringing him back into the fold. Likewise, Leto would also be supportive of the #ReleaseTheAyerCut movement as much of his screen time in that movie was left on the cutting room floor.

Various Justice League stars, like Ben Affleck, are reportedly remaining loyal to Snyder behind the scenes as well. Intriguingly, it’s said that Black Adam‘s Dwayne Johnson is likewise attempting to get Warner Bros. to change their minds about ending the SnyderVerse, and word has it that The Rock has a lot of sway in this situation. While we got the Snyder Cut, there’s no guarantee that things will play out in an identical way this time. Still, having the actors on the same side as the fans can’t hurt.

Jared Leto will next return to the superhero world for Sony’s Morbius, coming in January.