Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Not Pleased With News Of The SnyderVerse’s Demise

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

In case you missed it, there’s been a little bit of talk surrounding the short and long-term future of the SnyderVerse in the wake of HBO Max’s Justice League seizing the zeitgeist and capturing the imagination of fans around the world. Indeed, just when Warner Bros. thought they’d finally drawn a line under Zack Snyder’s association with the DCEU, an entirely new campaign has sprung up in its place.

Fans are streaming both the original and Justice Is Gray versions of the Snyder Cut on repeat, the social media campaigns are everywhere you look and a select few have taken to review bombing Godzilla vs. Kong because it’s a Warner Bros. movie that isn’t a Justice League sequel or Man of Steel 2, with the general consensus being that there are now two warring factions under the AT&T umbrella.

AT&T’s official Twitter account posted what looked to be their clear support for seeing Ben Affleck make a Batman film last year, and the company are said to be in favor of restoring the SnyderVerse, siding with HBO Max’s Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys. On the other side of the ring, however, are WarnerMedia’s Jason Kilar and Ann Sarnoff, with DC Films president Walter Hamada also reportedly keen to make a clean break from Snyder’s canon.

Tipster Mikey Sutton, meanwhile, is now claiming that Dwayne Johnson is firmly part of Team SnyderVerse, and he wasn’t happy when the WB hierarchy began shutting down any and all questions surrounding potential Justice League sequels.

“From what I’ve been told, The Rock has full creative control over his Black Adam movies, and he wasn’t pleased with the news of the Snyderverse’s demise,” says Sutton.

As a contracted talent who also happens to be one of the biggest and most powerful stars in the industry, there’s been speculation that The Rock could get himself involved in the behind the scenes discussions to try and convince the execs to let him play off against Henry Cavill’s Superman and the rest of the gang, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out.