Here’s What Jared Leto Could Look Like As Loki In The MCU


The Arrowverse is about to jumble its heroes up in next month’s “Elseworlds” crossover, which will see Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell swapping roles so that the former gets to play the Green Arrow for one time only while the latter temporarily becomes the Flash. That premise has given fan artist Boss Logic a great idea for a new series of artwork which imagines what it’d be like if the stars of the MCU and the DC movie universe swapped characters.

Having already switched up numerous members of the Avengers and the Justice League, Boss Logic has now turned his attention to each franchise’s biggest villain. Namely, DC’s Joker and Marvel’s Loki. We previously showed you the artist’s take on how Tom Hiddleston would look like as the Clown Prince of Crime, and now we have an idea of how Suicide Squad‘s Jared Leto would have appeared if he played the God of Mischief.

You can check it out in the gallery below, which also features BL’s other pieces in this mash-up series:

Unlike most of the actors Boss Logic has tackled so far, Leto has actually already crossed the divide between Marvel and DC. This year he signed up to play the lead in Sony’s upcoming Morbius movie, which will see him portray the tragic Living Vampire. He recently got into character by shaving off his signature beard, too. Now all he needs is a pair of fangs and a coat of white facepaint (he’s used to that) and he’ll be done.

Leto was also in the running to play Doctor Strange, of course, alongside fellow Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix, before Benedict Cumberbatch nabbed the coveted role of the Sorcerer Supreme. We’ve never thought of him as a possible Loki before, though, but this artwork suggests that it wouldn’t have been a bad bit of casting.

For those waiting to see Jared Leto’s Marvel debut – not as Loki – we’ll keep you updated on more Morbius news as and when it comes in.