Jared Leto reveals he improvised the Venom reference in ‘Morbius’

morbius director daniel espinosa wont confirm or deny
Image via Sony

Even though Morbius is only a few days away from coming to theaters, finally drawing a line under the saga of a comic book blockbuster that was initially scheduled to release in July 2020, fans still aren’t entirely sold on either the movie itself, or its myriad of connections to both the Sony and Marvel shared universes.

Director Daniel Espinosa did his best to try and explain why Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes has migrated over to another reality, despite the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home seemingly ending all hopes of immediate cross-pollination between the two mythologies, but it’s beginning to appear as though the studio don’t have much of an ironclad expansion plan in mind other than the occasional nod, wink, or Easter Egg.

However, the various trailer for Morbius have made a point of including Jared Leto’s titular antihero name-dropping Venom, which the actor revealed to be an improvisational moment during an interview with ComicBook.

“I improvised that line on the set that day and, you know, there was a lot of that and it’s really fun to do. Yeah, it just seemed like, you know… It just kind of came out in the moment and we ended up using it, and I’m glad that people had fun with it in the way that we did.”

Things are almost certainly heading in the direction of the Sinister Six, with Espinosa hinting as much when he dropped major spoilers during a live Twitter Q&A, so it’s likely we’ll see Morbius and Venom meet up one day, provided Sony’s Spider-Man Universe doesn’t implode by then.