Jared Leto May Be Wanted For Doctor Strange



Earlier today we heard that Scott Derrickson will be directing Doctor Strange for Marvel. This film has been rumored countless times and even “confirmed” in the past, but this is the first real  indication that the Sorcerer Supreme is actually headed to the big screen. Now, hot on the heels of the Derrickson news, we have word that Oscar winner Jared Leto might be wanted by Marvel to play the Doctor.

Now, this news comes as almost just an offshoot in an article where the author says that he has heard that Leto was being eyed for the role. So obviously, there isn’t really anything solid to go off of here. That being said, it’s still definitely worth considering the possibility of the actor joining forces with Marvel.

I won’t try to hide my Strange fandom. In early 2013 I wrote about the actors I’d love to see play Stephen Strange and Leto wasn’t anywhere on the list. Since then, I’ve been pretty excited about some of the other rumored actors, most notably Joseph Gordon-Levitt. There are plenty of actors who have been discussed before Leto for this role, and that’s been for good reason.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means do I think Leto is incapable of playing Doctor Strange. He’s shown in his last few movies that he can do just about anything he wants. But there’s nothing in any of his past roles that indicates to me that he’d be the best choice to play this mystical magician.

Still, you really can’t go wrong casting a guy who is fresh off an Oscar win. Though it really all might be moot if Leto isn’t interested in the role. Looking at the sort of projects it seems he’s willing to take on, both acting and otherwise, a Marvel blockbuster doesn’t quite jive. But hey, who doesn’t want to be a superhero?

Tell us, do you want to see Jared Leto star in Doctor Strange? Sound off below!

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