Jason Bateman To Star In The Insane Laws

Jason Bateman may be starring opposite Vince Vaughn in comedy pic The Insane Laws, according to a Deadline report. Bateman is in early talks with Universal Pictures to join Vaughn in a film that will have the comedy duo playing best friends and possible in-laws.

Apparently, Bateman and Vaughn will play BFFs who have shared everything, from college experiences to getting married and having kids at the same time. Unbeknownst to either, their college-age children (a son from one and daughter from the other) are away at school and busy falling in love. After Vaughn’s character’s daughter is knocked up, the bonds of friendship are tested.

Bateman has been steadily busy since the end of Arrested Development, the TV series that made him synonymous with dry humor and a satirical bite. I love his style of comedy, and even though he has been in some mediocre films of late I’m usually willing to fork over some coin to see his dead pan wit. Plus upcoming Horrible Bosses and The Change-Up both look like they might be some fun.

These cookie-cutter clichéd comedies are a dime a dozen nowadays, and about as tedious to watch as hitting your head against a wall. Vaughn certainly hasn’t done a great job of picking roles in the last few years, and he always plays the same obnoxious, one-note funnyman.

The Insane Laws will be the directorial debut of scribe Jeremy Garelick. Universal acquired the project in March, and apparently Vaughn has been eyeing it for some time. Since Garelick co-wrote The Break-Up, which Vaughn starred in, the two are close. Garelick doesn’t have a lot of experience under his belt so his participation comes with a question mark. And if The Break-Up is any indication of his style/skills, I’m worried. Just hoping Bateman’s presence is enough to save this film from potential mediocrity, or worse.

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