Jason Blum Says Halloween Kills Is Coming Out In 2021 No Matter What


We’re just over two weeks away from Halloween, and theaters around the world would usually be packed as horror fans flock to their local multiplex to catch the wave of newest releases specifically designed for the purpose of scaring them out of their seats. 2020 has been far from normal, though, and almost every high-profile movie has fled to next year.

For the longest time, Blumhouse were adamant that Halloween Kills would be arriving in October as scheduled before finally resigning themselves to a delay, and given the title of the franchise, there was no other option but to push it back by a full twelve months. The production company tried to offset the blow by debuting the first teaser trailer, but fans were still devastated by the news.

There’s no sign of the industry returning to anything resembling normality in the near future, and movies are still being shifted around the schedule as the domino effect continues. But in a recent interview, Jason Blum reiterated that no matter what the next year brings, Halloween Kills will be hitting the big screen in October 2021.

“If this is still going on next Halloween? No, we’re not holding it. Halloween Kills is coming out next October come hell or high water, vaccine or no vaccine. It is coming out.”

Even the most pessimistic predictors would surely be hoping that operations have returned to normal by then, especially with 2021 shaping up to be the most stacked year in history due entirely to the number of movies that have been delayed. The first installment was a glorious return to form for the long-running series, and Halloween Kills has the potential to be even better now that the basic setup is out of the way and director David Gordon Green can dive headfirst into making things bigger, bolder and altogether nastier the second time out.

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