Jason Blum Says Happy Death Day 3 Isn’t Dead Yet

Happy Death Day 2U
Image via Blumhouse Productions

Blumhouse have become famed for turning a never-ending parade of low budget horrors and thrillers into sustained box office successes, which includes multiple franchises spanning several movies or more, but Happy Death Day 3 has remained mired in development hell, despite the desire to get it made.

Writer and director Christopher Landon revealed in September last year that the script was written, he was just waiting on approval from producer Jason Blum and studio Universal. Unfortunately, the Blumhouse boss has cast doubt on Happy Death Day 3 before, admitting that the sequel’s earnings dropping by 50% was a roadblock.

However, in a new interview with Collider, the hit-maker teased that he isn’t giving up on the project just yet, even if it hasn’t gathered any forward momentum for well over a year.

“I have a plan. Put it this way. I’m not saying goodbye to Happy Death Day. I’ll say it like that.”

In total, the two previous installments combined to earn $190 million on production costs of $16 million, so it would hardly be a massive gamble on Universal’s part to give Happy Death Day 3 the green light. The company’s track record speaks for itself, so the chances are good that Landon’s script could end up being dusted off in the near future and bring Jessica Rothe’s Tree Gelbman back to our screens.