Jason Momoa First Assumed He Was Courted For Role Of Lobo, Not Aquaman


Although he was very briefly showcased in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, many of us can likely agree that Jason Momoa’s interpretation of Aquaman commands attention, a quality needed when playing an iconic hero who also happens to be the King of Atlantis.

By now, it’s common knowledge that actors aren’t always aware of which character they’re being tapped to play when being approached for projects in film and television – especially in the superhero genre. So when Zack Snyder wanted to arrange a sit down to discuss what role Momoa would take on in the DC Extended Universe, the former Game of Thrones star was left pondering.

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Here’s what he had to say to ET Canada:

“Dude, there was a lot of things that went through my head when he said Aquaman. There were a lot of things that went through my mind. I was thinking like, ‘Lobo.’ I’m gonna play some kind of bad guy. I’m like, ‘Who am I gonna play?’ And yeah, he said Aquaman. I was just like, ‘Come again? Pardon me?’ And then he explained why. I was like, ‘Whoa, buddy. I got your back.'”

While I must admit that Momoa would have been an awesome choice for Lobo, I’m quite glad that he was cast as Aquaman. Aside from avid comic book readers, the mainstream thinks the character to be a joke of a man who rides a sea horse and gags seen on shows such as Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory didn’t help matters. Momoa brings great physical presence and acting chops that will no doubt shatter the preconceived notions of casual moviegoers and satisfy fans of the source material. In short, this is a man you believe can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Superman and Darkseid.

Aquaman will next appear in Justice League, which arrives in cinemas on November 17, 2017 before his first solo outing drops on July 27, 2018.