Jason Momoa Shares New Aquaman Footage For Halloween


Jason Momoa has taken to Instagram with another promo for the upcoming Aquaman, and it packs a lot of action into less than a minute of video.

The teaser gives us a new look at Arthur Curry’s villainous half-brother Orma, along with a momentarily tension-breaking clip where Aquaman laughs while Mera looks exasperated. Based on the trailers, you can expect their relationship to contain a few moments like that. But once again, emphasis is placed on Amber Heard’s loaded lines about Atlantis needing a hero rather than a king.

It’s a nice enough promo to add to the collection, but ever since that 5-minute trailer dropped at the start of October, the marketing has been pretty stingy with the new footage. That’s understandable, mind you, seeing how that one trailer alone came under criticism for giving away too much of the film.

Either way, it’s clear that the clips have clearly succeed in getting parts of the public pumped, even making believers out of DCEU skeptics like comic book writer Mark Millar, who went from decrying DC’s heroes as un-cinematic to slamming the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But at the same time, after Justice League’s underwhelming box office run left this franchise in an unstable place, the pressure’s on for James Wan’s feature to put things commercially back on course. And with the film tracking for a respectable but less-than-dazzling $40 to 60 million opening weekend, this movie may need some good word of mouth to keep it afloat.

With Momoa recently claiming that he’s already pitched plans for the sequel, we’ll find out if Arthur’s underwater world is worth a revisit when Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st.

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