Jason Statham Reportedly Wants To Return To Mainline Fast & Furious Franchise

Hobbs & Shaw

If you were one of the many people to check out Fast & Furious 9 over the weekend, then you’ll be fully aware of what the mid-credits scene entailed, but if you weren’t, then you should probably stop reading on any further.

Most folks were under the impression that Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw would be sitting out the ninth installment in the franchise entirely, after there was some internal beef among the family when he and Dwayne Johnson decided to shoot their own spinoff instead of reuniting with the gang.

Hobbs may have been absent from the first frame to the last, but Shaw made a surprise cameo at the end, kicking the sh*t out of a random goon zipped up in a punchbag, which he admitted was just for kicks after he’d already acquired the mysterious flash drive he was looking for. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door, and when Shaw opens it he sees Sung Kang’s Han on the other side. Cut to black. Questions now. Answers later.

We’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Han would return from the dead long before it was confirmed – that the F9 stinger will likely serve as the basis for Statham’s reintroduction into the mainline Fast Saga as the actor is keen to return for F10 and/or F11. Of course, he’s always voiced his desire to come back so that he can blow stuff up with director Justin Lin, but it seems that his role in Fast & Furious 10 and/or 11 will be much more substantial than the fan-baiting scene or two afforded to the Tokyo Drift veterans in the ninth chapter.

The back-to-back conclusion to the epic two-decade story is set to kick off shooting next year, with Statham planning to start The Meg 2 in January, so schedules will obviously need to be worked out between now and then.