Wrath Of Man Poster Reveals First Look At Jason Statham’s New Movie

Jason Statham

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Widow may have packed up and fled from May 7th to July 9th and opted for a Disney Plus Premier Access hybrid release, but Jason Statham has already roundhouse kicked his way into the vacant slot, with the action hero’s new thriller Wrath of Man now arriving two weeks later than its previously announced April 23rd bow.

Not only that, but the first poster has also been unveiled, meaning we should be expecting the arrival of a trailer any day now, although it’s pretty safe to assume we know what to expect from the first teaming of Statham and Guy Ritchie in fifteen years. Wrath of Man is a loose remake of 2004 French film Cash Truck, with the chrome-domed martial arts enthusiast playing courier H, who gets a job with an armored truck company transporting millions of dollars throughout Los Angeles on a weekly basis, but he’s also got his own agenda for his newfound employment.

It sounds like the ideal material to reunite the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Revolver duo, both of whom have become much bigger names since their last collaboration, and you can check out the Wrath of Man poster below.

Ritchie’s semi-reinvention as a director of mega budget studio blockbusters has been inconsistent to say the least, but revisiting his crime comedy roots with The Gentlemen was a return to form, and he’s now doubling down on Statham. Wrath of Man hasn’t even been released yet, but the pair are already busy filming another action thriller, with the globetrotting spy caper Five Eyes currently in front of cameras in various glamorous locations around the world including Turkey and Qatar.