Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reacts To Zack Snyder’s Justice League


Jeffrey Dean Morgan might only be six years older than Ben Affleck, but if his reaction to Zack Snyder’s Justice League is anything to go by, he spent four hours watching the HBO Max exclusive growing prouder of his onscreen son by the minute.

The Walking Dead star’s tenure in the DCEU was brief to say the least, and he was only seen during the opening credits for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as the Thomas Wayne to Lauren Cohan’s Martha, where they met the same fate we’ve seen befall them on countless occasions over the years.

It was strange to see such a recognizable name appear so briefly, and most people put it down to the friendship between Morgan and Snyder that was struck up during filming on Watchmen. However, this being the world of multiversal comic book blockbusters where nothing is off limits, there was a lot of talk making the rounds last year that the 54 year-old could end up stopping by for a surprise return in The Flash.

In the comic book Flashpoint storyline, an alternate series of events beginning with Bruce getting gunned down in that Gotham City alleyway leads to his old man becoming Batman instead, and Morgan admitted that he was more than on board with the idea if the opportunity were to ever come his way. Unfortunately, that’s not happened as of yet, but you can check out his reaction to Justice League below.

With Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton all gracing our screens as the Dark Knight in the space of a few months next year, there might not even be any room for more Batmen. Then again, the fact that the Snyder Cut of Justice League even exists is proof enough that nothing is ever off the table.