Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teasing Yet Another Comic Book Role

Flashpoint Batman

Some actors love nothing more than starring in comic book adaptations, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is definitely at the top end of that list. The 55 year-old has been a regular presence in all sorts of page-to-screen translations over the last two decades, and it sounds as though he’s far from being done just yet.

As well as starring in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen as The Comedian, taking top billing in underrated actioner The Losers, showing up for an uncredited cameo in the horrendous Jonah Hex and getting killed off during the opening credits as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s Thomas Wayne, Morgan has of course spent the last five years as The Walking Dead‘s Negan.

The long-running zombie show might be nearing its conclusion, but on top of already hinting towards a potential spinoff for his baseball bat wielding character, he’s also teasing another addition to his comic book catalogue.

“We’ll see, I have something maybe cooking and I’ll let you know soon if that turns out to be. But I love the world of comic books and hope I get to stay playing in this world for a long time.”

While there was a lot of chatter surrounding a potential cameo in The Flash as the Flashpoint version of Thomas Wayne who ends up as the Batman of his universe, something Morgan said he’d be more than happy to do, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be happening now that the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut is finally shooting in England.

Another potential candidate could be The Boys, though, with creator and showrunner Eric Kripke hardly hiding the fact that he’d love to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan involved with Amazon’s subversive superhero smash hit, and those feelings have been well reciprocated on the actor’s part. Of course, it might end up being something else entirely, but there’s definitely plenty of potential in seeing him square off against Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher in a battle of the bearded badasses.