Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says He’s Counting On Appearing In The Boys

The Boys

As star Karl Urban revealed last week, production on season 3 of Amazon’s smash hit superhero series The Boys is set to begin imminently, meaning Billy Butcher and the gang could be back on our screens long before the end of the year. Despite the start of filming edging closer and closer, though, there’s been little news regarding any fresh additions to the cast.

Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles was announced to be playing Soldier Boy last August, but so far, he’s the only major character to have been added to the ensemble. However, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has once again thrown his hat into the ring, after The Walking Dead‘s Negan revealed in a social media exchange with a fan that he’s counting on making in appearance in the show at some point, as you can see below.

Morgan has been repeatedly linked with The Boys over the last year or so, although creator and executive producer Eric Kripke poured cold water on the idea a few months back, and with good reason. Kripke admitted that the COVID-19 restrictions in place on every major movie and TV shoot would make it difficult for the actor to sign on given his commitments to The Walking Dead, and the mandatory isolation required would create a scheduling nightmare.

That being said, the eleventh season of AMC’s long-running comic book adaptation is set to be the last in the main timeline, and once Morgan finishes up on the zombie show, then he’d technically have a wide open gap in his schedule to join The Boys. It might not happen for a while yet, but based on the comments from all parties, it feels like it’s definitely on the cards.