The Boys Season 3 May Lose Out On Jeffrey Dean Morgan Due To COVID-19 Restrictions

The Boys

We’re just a week away from Amazon’s smash hit The Boys returning for a second season, with the first three episodes set to debut next Friday and the remaining five locked in to arrive on a weekly basis after that. The first season turned out to be one of the streaming service’s most successful original shows that’s only grown in popularity over the last year, with the sophomore run promising to be an even bigger win.

Even though season 2 hasn’t started yet, showrunner Eric Kripke is already hinting at possible directions for the third run, which will feature the addition of Supernatural star Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy. Another name that’s been constantly linked to The Boys though is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was reportedly offered a role.

However, Kripke admitted that the current travel and production restrictions in place as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, which will likely continue to impact the industry for a long time yet, could ultimately make the logistics of Morgan joining the cast impossible to work out given the actor’s prior commitments.

“I will caution everybody that COVID could really screw that up, because he’s a regular on another show. He is on The Walking Dead, so he can only come up for a couple of days. If there’s still a two-week quarantine between Canada and the United States, that renders that impossible. Of the many things COVID is screwing up in this world, a Jeffrey Dean Morgan cameo or a Jeffrey Dean Morgan role may be one of them. But if the quarantine is removed and a couple of things break our way? Then yeah, we’ll try to figure it out.”

Kripke isn’t completely ruling out the idea, but he’s also being careful to make it clear to the fans who would love to see the 54 year-old saddle up alongside the rest of the ensemble that if it doesn’t happen, it’ll be due to circumstances outside of his control. Morgan would be a more than welcome addition, of course, and he’d no doubt play fantastically well off Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher, but based on what we’ve seen so far, The Boys looks set to double down on the show’s insane blend of pitch-black humor and gruesomely heightened violence whether Kripke manages to recruit another famous face or not.