Jena Malone And Lil’ Romeo Contend For Roles In Catching Fire

According to EW, Jena Malone may be competing as the cunning ex-victor Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Known for her roles in Donnie Darko and Sucker Punch, Malone has mostly veered in an alternative direction with her acting, so this mainstream step does suggest further blockbuster collaborations.

Contrary to indie darling Jena Malone, rapper Lil’ Romeo told MTV that he recently discussed a possible role in Catching Fire with Lionsgate. Born Percy Romeo Miller Jr., Romeo isn’t quite renowned for his acting chops – his short-lived career in the movie business is mostly comprised of cameos, with sporadic voice-acting gigs and commercials.

For fans of The Hunger Games trilogy, casting the tributes is an important task; fandom backlash over beloved characters being portrayed lightly or erroneously has been known to get heated. In particular, Capitol sex symbol and fellow ex-victor Finnick Odair has been speculated immensely.

Personally, I have faith in Jena Malone. History aside, she does look like she could play the tough-as-nails Johanna convincingly. On the other hand, I am iffy on Lil’ Romeo. Out of all of his creative works, the only one I can say I somewhat enjoyed is Static Shock’s second theme song. His latest single, Hug Me Foreverdoesn’t show much performing skill either, apart from the usual music video prancing. I hope he proves me wrong though. If there’s one thing rapper, actor, model, and occasional basketball player Romeo Miller is, it’s tenacious.

With Malone and Romeo vying for roles, do you think they’ll bring justice to their characters?