Jennifer Aniston Lets Her Freak Flag Fly In Red Band Wanderlust Trailer

As expected, the R-rated Wanderlust previews have been watered down, with Universal holding back on the real raunchy stuff. That all changed though as a new red band trailer features more than just a scantily clad Jennifer Aniston. It showcases most of the supporting cast from Role Models barely covered as well.

This naughty preview give audiences a better taste of the sexy adult comedy starring Aniston and Paul Rudd, coming to theaters February 24th. In terms of skin, viewers get a peek at Joe Lo Truglio‘s tush but for those hoping to see Aniston strut her stuff, you’ll have to wait for the full thing. Speaking of the full thing, if the new red band trailer is any indication, the Judd Apatow produced film is guaranteed to be on par with some of his best.

For those unfamiliar with Wanderlust, it’s based around a power couple that finds their way to a nudist commune posing as a bed and breakfast in middle America. While there, the freaky neighbors use their hippie tactics to teach the couple how to relax and re-evaluate life.

Check out the red band trailer below and let us know if you’ll be at the theater on opening night for this one.