Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Find The Silver Lining In New Photos

We all know Jennifer Lawrence has become a bit of a commodity in the blockbuster film market, so her decision to star in the more low key, indie film The Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper is equal parts refreshing and intriguing.

The film centers around a young man recently released from a psychiatric institution (Cooper) and his attempts to navigate the relationships in his life. His parents (played by Jacki Weaver and Robert De Niro) are supportive but see him constantly on the verge of relapse, and his new love interest (Lawrence) is just as unstable as he is. Chris Tucker (seriously, where has he been?) shows up in a supporting role too but sadly, Jackie Chan does not.

From the trailers and new photos released by The Weinstein Company, The Silver Linings Playbook seems like a thoughtful, well-written black comedy.  Cooper and Lawrence will likely wring every drop of humor out of the slightly absurd but ultimately relatable characters and this one definitely has some awards potential.

Based on a novel by Matthew Quick and set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film and its A-List cast seem well on track to create an indie box office success.

The Silver Linings Playbook hits theaters November 21st. Check out the images below.