Jeremy Renner Celebrates Hawkeye’s Return In Avengers: Endgame


Though Captain Marvel was a no-show for the first Avengers: Endgame trailer, the long-awaited footage did see the return of two old favorites who were conspicuously absent from this year’s Avengers: Infinity War. One of them was Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, whose last-minute appearance in the teaser has already fueled fan theories of time travel, and the other was Clint Barton, who’s better known by the name Hawkeye, but was seen here in another of his popular guises from the comic books.

The introduction of Clint’s Ronin persona has been a popular prediction for many months, but the new Endgame trailer gave us our first official look at the hooded figure, and just as Clint is emerging from the shadows to show off his latest outfit, Jeremy Renner is back to hype up the film formerly known as Avengers 4, taking to Twitter to celebrate his long-awaited return to the franchise:

“Good to see you all again! Coming in hot!”

To be fair, Renner’s reemerge is hardly out of the blue, with the actor sharing various selfies during his time on the set of the Russo Brothers’ upcoming feature, and even responding to the events of Infinity War with the social media message, “Got this feelin I need to SUIT up soon.”

In any case, in the wake of the new teaser, Renner also used Instagram to hype up his next project, posting an image of the newly released Endgame poster along with the question:

“Anyone see the trailer??”

As a matter of fact, we have, with Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube video already approaching the 26 million mark after less than 9 hours. Not too shabby, but we’ll see what sort of numbers the film itself does when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019.