Jeremy Renner Pays Hilarious Tribute To World’s Sexiest Man Paul Rudd

paul rudd

Paul Rudd has been trending for most of the last 48 hours having been named as the Sexiest Man Alive, a status that many believe the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ant-Man has been due for a long time.

Whether or not you agree with the general aesthetic qualities of the 52 year-old’s visage, you can’t deny that he’s one of the most charmingly wholesome presences in Hollywood. Nobody seems to have a bad word to say about Rudd, but that doesn’t mean his friends, colleagues and co-stars aren’t above trolling his newly-awarded status.

Jeremy Renner, who may be harboring the slightest tinge of jealously, shared a hilarious tribute to the Sexiest Man Alive on social media, which shows the pair in a hearty and adorable embrace as they bask in their status as a pair of middle-aged dudes capable of laughing at themselves.

Based on some of the more NSFW reactions to have hit Twitter since Rudd replaced Michael B. Jordan as the best example of the male form the planet has to offer, there’s an awful lot of people out there that would gladly swap places with the MCU’s Hawkeye to have themselves attached to the end of a Paul Rudd.