Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Says The Avengers Star Bit Their Daughter


This Jeremy Renner story just keeps getting uglier by the day, as the Avengers star is now being accused by his ex-wife of biting their daughter on at least one occasion in 2017.

Sonni Pacheco’s currently battling the actor for custody of their six-year-old daughter Ava and has repeatedly accused her ex-husband of some really terrible things, including substance abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and even murderous threats. And as if that’s not enough, this new allegation from Pacheco paints Renner as even more unstable than we originally thought.

The 38-year-old mother claims that when she asked Ava about a peculiar mark on her shoulder, the then four-year-old reportedly said: “Daddy bit me. It’s okay Mommy it was an accident. I told him never to do it again.” The filing later goes on to say that the poor girl explained that the bite happened when her father was yelling at her.

The papers also reveal that when questioned by his ex, Renner first said the mark was caused a seat belt. Upon being pressed further, though, he changed his story and said that it was part of a game they were playing and wasn’t serious.

Despite what the actor says, biting a child to the point where it leaves a mark is always serious. While nothing’s been proven true as of yet, all of these accusations are still extremely troubling. Of course, Renner’s adamantly denied them all so far, but it seems far-fetched that anyone would just make up such terrible things. The couple’s former nanny has since come forward to corroborate Pacheco’s claims, too, further painting the once-beloved MCU star as someone who needs some help.

In the wake of this quickly worsening story, Marvel was said to be considering potentially recasting Hawkeye. Apparently, they’ve decided to allow Jeremy Renner to continue in the role, but so far, the studio’s kept quiet on the matter and all we have is reports from various outlets to go on. With the Hawkeye show starting to take shape, though, we’ll hopefully get an official announcement soon.