Jesse Pinkman Returns In New Trailer For El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


Understandably, folks are pretty excited for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the sequel to Breaking Bad and the continuation of Jesse Pinkman’s tale. Aaron Paul has already teased that longtime fans will be very happy with the finished product when it arrives via Netflix next month and now, we finally have a brand new trailer to feast on.

Although, maybe “trailer” isn’t the right word, as like with the last preview we got, this is really just more of a teaser, not offering up much in the way of footage and instead focusing solely on Jesse sitting in his car. But yes, we do at least get to see Mr. Pinkman again, and he’s certainly not in the best shape. Where exactly he is here remains unclear, but the cryptic and tantalizing promo is sure to get fans hyped regardless.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know too much about the plot of the Breaking Bad spinoff movie right now, but it’s clear that Jesse will be dealing with the aftermath of the time he spent in captivity. The big question is, though, which familiar faces will he come across as he continues his journey? We already know that a couple characters will definitely be returning from the hit AMC series, but the only ones who’ve been confirmed so far are mostly just supporting players, like Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) and Badger (Matt L Jones).

Could we see any of the big guns make an appearance as well? Either via flashback or within the narrative’s main timeline? That remains to be seen, but we’re hopeful that if someone like, say, Walter White did indeed show up, it’s done for storytelling purposes and not just as a fan-pleasing cameo. We’ll find out soon enough, though, as El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie hits Netflix on October 11th.