Jim Carrey Reportedly Returning As The Mask In Space Jam 2

The Mask

While talk of a female-led Mask spinoff has been percolating over the last few months, nothing official has yet to come to fruition. Nevertheless, if you’ve been hankering to see the return of everybody’s favourite green-faced hero, then we may have some good news for you.

You see, according to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us that Bill Murray is returning in Ghostbusters: Afterlife and that another Scream movie is in the works, both of which are now confirmed – the Dark Horse Comics superhero will be making an appearance in the upcoming live action/animation hybrid, Space Jam 2. Yes, you read that right.

Even though Jim Carrey’s awkward-but-loveable super-powered protagonist will only be a CGI recreation, Carrey is apparently returning to record voice work for the iconic character. Specifically, our sources say that he’ll be seen as a referee during one of the basketball games in the movie. Pretty neat surprise, eh?

The Mask

Of course, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the titular comic book superhero in any official capacity on the big screen. As you probably already know, the last time we saw an entry in the action-comedy franchise was 2005’s critically panned Son Of The Mask. Honestly, the less said about that film, the better. All I’ll say is that it was a complete box office disaster for the studio that probably contributed to the whole IP being put on ice. Ouch!

As for a full-blown Mask sequel, then? Well, Jim Carrey has gone on record and stated that he’ll only do another one if a “visionary filmmaker” wants to make it. We’ve also heard that Warner Bros. is interested in putting together another entry in the franchise with the actor. But at this point, only time will tell if it gets off the ground.

Tell us, though, are you excited to see the green-faced hero return in Space Jam 2? Or would you prefer to see a proper sequel with Jim Carrey back in the lead role? Put on your wacky yellow zoot suits and let us know in the usual place down below.