Jim Carrey Doesn’t Support The Sonic The Hedgehog Redesign

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sometimes, when media transitions between mediums, higher ups decide that changing the norm, what’s to be expected, is a good thing. And ya know what? Sometimes it is.

However, in the case of Sonic the Hedgehog, the changes made to the titular character’s design caused massive fan backlash, to the point the studio delayed the film in an effort to alter the character’s design entirely. Jim Carrey, who until this point has been fairly reserved about the pic, spoke up a little bit in a recent interview.

Sitting down with the Sioux City Journal to talk about his TV show, Kidding, the actor waxed about his love of the craft, which is undeniable. While not outwardly hostile or necessarily disparaging, it seems that Carrey didn’t exactly support the studio’s decision to bow to fan pressure, as he said the following:

“I believe in auteurs. I believe in creatives. We do what we can do and then technology is going to have its way and people’s opinions are going to have their way. And who knows what it’s going to turn into? You just become their Frankenstein monster at some point, right?”

He does kinda have a point. Fans definitely aren’t going to like everything you produce. I mean, look at The Last Jedi or The Dark Knight Rises or Justice League. However, that last one had a troublesome production that heavily influenced the final product, which, echoing Carrey’s thoughts, was certainly a Frankenstein’s Monster of a film. Apparently, the changes made to Sonic precipitated more work on the movie as a whole, possibly altering its entire feel.

Granted, Sonic’s first live-action foray also looked like hot garbage outside of the wonky design. I love the choice of Ben Schwartz as Sonic’s voice though, and I honestly still love Jim even if he is a trash anti-vaxxer. He’s an intelligent, if perhaps odd, man who’s produced great work. His role of Robotnik will certainly not be in the high echelon, though. Video game movies are, at best, some of the worst film out there, generally speaking.

Also, that shot of him putting the goggles on at the end of the trailer? That is totally the last shot of the movie, or the stinger. I’m telling you; if the studio messed up Sonic’s design that much, you know they won’t make the Eggman look like the Eggman. You gotta save something for the sequel, right?

Oh, Sonic the Hedgehog; we hardly knew thee.