First Look At Jim Carrey’s Mask In Space Jam 2 Leaks Online

The Mask

Just like the Norse mask at the bottom of the sea in the 1994 movie, The Mask franchise has been lying dormant for a very long time now. However, almost out of nowhere, a ton of buzz about a potential new movie, and the character in general, has begun to build. And things are only going to continue to ramp up, it seems.

As fans will know, Jim Carrey famously brought green-faced hero Stanley Ipkiss to life in the aforementioned comedy, and while there’s no word yet on if he’ll indeed sign on for another Mask film, we’re now going to be getting the next best thing. And that’s because the actor is set to reprise the role – in a voice-only capacity – in the upcoming Space Jam 2.

Yes, as you may’ve seen, earlier today We Got This Covered brought you the news that the character will be appearing in the LeBron James-starring sequel and now, it looks like our scoop has been confirmed. As you can see down below, a leaked photo from Space Jam 2 has hit Twitter and it not only reveals the Mask, but also the Joker and even Pennywise, who we also told you would be in the film.

Based on the fairly dark comics of the same name, The Mask was a huge hit back in the mid-90s, both at the box office and with moviegoers. As such, there’s always been a pretty strong demand for Carrey to return to the role and now, it seems as if fans will get their wish. Kind of.

Again, from what we’ve been told, the green-faced icon will be a CGI creation with the Canadian actor only providing the voice. But who knows? If his appearance in Space Jam 2 goes over well with audiences, it might just lead the studio to pushing a full-on new Mask film into development. After all, we’ve been told there’s interest in it and Carrey himself has even left the door open for another outing. Fingers crossed, eh?