J.J Abrams Breaks His Silence And Addresses Star Wars: Episode VII Turmoil


J.J. Abrams took some time today to elaborate on the unfolding behind the scenes drama which has engulfed the Star Wars: Episode VII production. Speaking candidly to Deadline, the director lamented that the change in writers was entirely due to time constraints imposed upon them by Disney.

Check out what he had to say below:

“It became clear that given the time frame and given the process and the way the thing was going that working with Larry (Kasdan) in this way was going to get us where we need to be and when we needed to be.”

He also unabashedly praised the draft which was turned in by the Oscar-winning Michael Arndt, saying:

“Working with Michael was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of his or adore him more. He’s a wonderful guy and was incredibly helpful in the process.”

Abrams then stated that he would embrace the opportunity to work with Arndt again on future Star Wars films and proclaimed that “he is one of the best writers around.” Arndt had been attached to the project since its inception and was working on the script “based on treatments that he himself had drafted.”

The seismic October 24th announcement that Abrams and Kasdan would assume scriptwriting chores from Michael Arndt sent shockwaves which continue to reverberate throughout the Star Wars universe. And now that Abrams has publicly commented on the situation, perhaps the initial trepidation felt by fans will subside just a bit; because after all, a Star Wars film that is being co-written by the co-writer of The Empire Strikes Back is a fanboy’s dream come true, right?

Star Wars: Episode VII remains on schedule to begin production early next year in the U.K. We’ll keep you posted if that changes.