Jodie Foster In Talks For R.I.P.D With Ryan Reynolds And Jeff Bridges

Jodie Foster may be ready to return to blockbuster territory. Foster, who hasn’t seen a starring role in a big summer movie since Contact in 1997, is in talks for a role in the comic book adaptationR.I.P.D, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. Foster is reportedly in talks for the role of Proctor, the boss of Reynolds and Bridges’ undead cops.

Ryan Reynolds plays Nick Walker, a cop who gets murdered and vows to find the guy who did it despite being dead. His chance comes when he’s invited to join the Rest in Peace Department, a group of undead cops who police undead criminals causing trouble for real life people. Nick is teamed with a cop from the old west named Bo (Jeff Bridges). Together they will fight undead crimes and it’s no surprise when one of those crimes happens to coincide with Nick’s own investigation of his murder. The film has been described as Ghostbusters meets Men in Black.

Casting on R.I.P.D has been in the headlines for nearly a year since producer Neal H. Moritz announced the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Nick. Hangover star Zach Galifianakis had been cast in the role of Bo but was forced to drop out  due to conflicts related to his next movie, Southern Rivals, and the HBO series Bored to DeathJeff Bridges stepped into the role of Bo shortly after Galifianakis dropped out.

Jodie Foster was most recently on the big screen in The Beaver back in May which she also directed. She will next be seen in Roman Polanski’s Carnage and is currently in pre-production on Elysium with District 13 director Neil Blomkamp.

Whether Jodie Foster signs on officially or not, R.I.P.D is scheduled to hit theater June 28th, 2013.

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