Joe Manganiello Shares Photos Of His Deathstroke Research For Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

Shortly after Ben Affleck Tweeted a teaser video of Deathstroke from the set of Justice League, it was revealed that Joe Manganiello will play the iconic DC Comics villain in the actor’s upcoming Batman solo movie. Little is known as of right now about how he’ll factor into it, but the thought of him being pitted against the Dark Knight has fans very excited.

Now, Manganiello has taken to Twitter to share some photos of how he’s preparing for the role. It appears as if DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have sent him an incredible selection of Deathstroke swag to dive into, including action figures, statues and a variety of comic books and trade paperbacks.


Does any of what’s pictured here give us an idea of what to expect from Batman though? Well, considering the fact that Manganiello appears to have been given every single major and recent story featuring Deathstroke, it’s hard to say, but one which sticks out like a sore thumb is Batman: Earth One.

Written by Geoff Johns (who co-wrote Batman with Affleck), the arc re-imagines the origin story of the Caped Crusader and some of his most iconic villains. Deathstroke never actually appears in it, but could this be an indication of the sort of tone the movie is going for? Time will tell, but it’s definitely interesting to see it there..

With recent reports pointing to Batman meeting a November 2019 release, expect to hear more on Deathstroke’s role in the film soon enough.

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