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Infinity War’s Joe Russo Admits Thanos Didn’t Need An Infinity Stone To Defeat The Hulk

Thanos didn't even use the Power Stone while battling the Hulk, according to Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo.

“Let him have his fun.”

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The Avengers: Infinity War commentary track continues to yield all sorts of insight into the creation of Marvel’s two-billion-dollar event movie.

Case in point: Joe Russo and Stephen McFeely, co-director and co-writer respectively, have gone on record to confirm that Thanos didn’t even use the Power Stone to overcome the Hulk in close-quarters combat; the Mad Titan is big and ugly enough to do it himself. The reason being that, prior to his quest to round up all six Infinity Stones, Thanos conquered hundreds – if not thousands – of worlds, and is practically unbeatable when it comes to a one-on-one brawl.

McFeely began by detailing the thought process behind Thanos’ introduction, and why the Avengers: Infinity War creative team wanted to cement his reputation as a truly unstoppable force right off the bat.

Here you see the early establishment of just how fearsome Thanos is even without, he’s got one stone here and I don’t think he’s even using it.

Adding to this, Joe Russo then reaffirmed that the Mad Titan far surpasses any Marvel villain who has come before him. And yes, he would’ve been able to beat seven bells out of Bruce Banner’s alter-ego with or without an Infinity Stone.

He’s not using it. This is to show that Thanos, the Genghis Khan of the Marvel Universe, he’s unbeatable in a 1-on-1 battle. He’s conquered thousands of worlds. He’s a much more polished fighter than the Hulk, and Thor, and Loki.

The Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray is due to hit store shelves on August 14th.