Joe Russo Teases Huge Captain America: Civil War Spoiler



Over the weekend at Wizard World New Orleans, the cast and crew of Captain America: Civil War made an appearance and while there, they took part in a Q&A session with fans. Nothing too groundbreaking was revealed, but director Joe Russo did potentially drop a massive spoiler.

Read on at your own risk…..


During the Q&A, one person asked Frank Grillo (who plays Crossbones) if there’s a scene he’d love to film that he hasn’t got to do yet. The actor then replied “I’d like to kill Captain America.” It was at that point that Russo chimed in with, “we may or may not have filmed that scene, though. She asked about a scene you haven’t done.”

For those familiar with the comics, Crossbones does shoot Cap at one point in the Civil War storyline, so it’s certainly possible that we’ll see something similar happen here. After all, there have been numerous rumors that point to Steve Rogers biting the bullet before the film’s end.

While Russo’s comments don’t really confirm things one way or another, it does sound like a pretty big hint. Unless of course he’s just messing around and having some fun with the audience.

Either way, all will be revealed this May when Captain America: Civil War storms into theatres.

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