John Boyega Reveals What It Would Take For Him To Return To Star Wars

Star Wars

Securing a major role in a franchise the size of Star Wars has the potential to be a career changing opportunity for any actor, but now that his time in a galaxy far, far away has drawn to a close, John Boyega is free to voice his frustrations. A lot of fans thought that after an encouraging introduction in The Force Awakens, Finn was heavily sidelined in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, and the 28 year-old clearly agreed.

In an explosive interview, the Attack the Block star blasted Disney and Lucasfilm for reducing his screen time in Episodes VIII and IX and marginalizing people like himself and Kelly Marie Tran. And the fact that the studio revealed the premiere date for season 2 of The Mandalorian the very same day that those comments surfaced had a lot of people believing that the latter was announced to try and divert attention away from the former, with the team behind Star Wars trying to avoid any further backlash.

Boyega also seems happy to be free from having to deal with the more toxic sections of the fanbase, although like anyone that’s been a big part of Star Wars in the past, he’ll no doubt be fielding questions about the franchise for the rest of his days. In fact, in a recent interview, the actor was asked what it would take for him to consider a return, and his answer made it pretty clear that he had no interest in getting back on set.

“I’m a Mandalorian fan, so Lucasfilm is doing very well with the TV shows. An animated show would be dope. We could do it from home.”

It’s a shame Boyega’s experience on Star Wars didn’t go the way he was expecting, especially when he was positioned as one of the franchise’s three new leading faces alongside Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridley, only for the focus to shift squarely onto Rey and Kylo Ren by the time the final chapter rolled around.