The Mandalorian Fans Think Lucasfilm Revealed The Premiere Date To Distract From John Boyega’s Criticism

The Mandalorian

Fans had been wondering why Disney and Lucasfilm had revealed so little information about The Mandalorian, despite the second season of the hit Disney Plus exclusive always being scheduled for release in October. The debut trailer was widely expected to air for the first time last week before it was mysteriously withdrawn, leading to speculation that there could be some behind the scenes issues surrounding Mando and Baby Yoda’s latest adventure.

However, yesterday saw the Mouse House confirm that The Mandalorian would be back on our screens on the 30th of October, with the studio also revealing a new logo in the process. While fans were happy to finally get some confirmation about the return of the popular show, it also happened to arrive on a day where Disney and Lucasfilm found themselves the subjects of a lot of negative publicity.

Sequel Trilogy star John Boyega gave an explosive interview that didn’t hold back when it came to his criticisms of Star Wars. The actor clearly shares the opinion of many fans that Finn was heavily sidelined in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, and even slammed his corporate overlords for a lack of diversity and representation.

A few online conspiracy theorists are convinced it wasn’t a coincidence that The Mandalorian hype train kicked off on exactly the same day the studio were coming under fire, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

A staunchly family-friendly company like Disney will do anything they can to avoid bad press, especially when an actor that played a major role in one of their biggest franchises is accusing them of thinly-veiled racism, so whether it was a coincidence or not, they’ll nonetheless be hoping that the focus quickly shifts entirely onto The Mandalorian.