The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Has Been Mysteriously Delayed

The Mandalorian

If you’ve been following all the latest updates on The Mandalorian season 2 trailer, you might have heard that the first preview for the sophomore run of the smash hit Star Wars TV series was thought to be dropping last week. This was viewed as a smart move on Disney’s part, as it would ensure Warner Bros. wouldn’t steal all the attention with their DC FanDome event. As it happens, though, the week came and went and the trailer was nowhere to be seen.

Now, /Film’s Adam Frazier has taken to Twitter to provide an intriguing update on the situation. According to his sources, the trailer was “all ready for the NBA Playoffs,” but plans for its release changed late in the day and “now there isn’t a timetable for when or where it’s going to premiere.” This is just speculation, but Frazier wonders if Disney is holding it back for their own “FanDome-esque event” that they’ve yet to announce.

Sticking with Frazier’s speculation for a moment, it would probably make a lot of sense for Disney to pull off their own virtual con at some point soon. After all, neither the Mouse House or WB had much of a presence at July’s [email protected] That’s because WB was holding things off until DC FanDome, but to date, there’s a lot of Disney-related news, particularly to do with their Star Wars and Marvel projects, that we’re waiting on that’s just not coming.

If the studio is working on something, though, it’ll have to be right around the corner. We’ve been promised that The Mandalorian season 2 won’t be delayed and is set to debut in October on Disney Plus, just as was always intended. It’s already late as it is, so they surely can’t keep the trailer under wraps for too much longer. But then again, withholding information from audiences has worked out so far for The Mandalorian – like keeping Baby Yoda a secret until the pilot arrived – so who knows what they’ll decide to do?