John Carpenter Will Handle The Score For Halloween Kills And Halloween Ends

Halloween 2018

After the series was essentially (if we’re being honest) driven into the ground by a handful of uninspired sequels (along with a short-lived reboot courtesy of Rob Zombie), we were ecstatic when 2018’s Halloween released. While series veteran John Carpenter wasn’t handling directorial duties, David Gordon Green did a great job at bringing the franchise back in line with its original vision, and it seems that critics and moviegoers alike were pleased.

Considering this revamp/direct sequel went on to gross over $250 million (against a measly $10 million budget), we were sure that a follow-up would be announced before long. Needless to say, last month saw the release of a brand new teaser trailer for not one, but two sequels, titled Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Better yet, the principal cast from the 2018 flick will be returning (including Jamie Lee Curtis), with David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride in tow.

Of course, one thing has been circling around the minds of series fans and music junkies all over: will John Carpenter return to handle the score? After all, his original soundtrack for the 1978 film is a cult classic of sorts and has been sampled by a variety of artists over the past few decades. Thankfully, it looks like we can all rest easy.

As reports, Carpenter confirmed that he’ll be returning to compose music for both Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. It’s not entirely clear if Daniel Davies and John’s son, Cody, will be coming back to lend their musical abilities, but all three were responsible for last year’s soundtrack, so it seems likely that they’ll return in some capacity.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear what they come up with next, though we’ll have be patient. Halloween Kills isn’t due out until October 16th, 2020, and its sequel is scheduled for October 15th, 2021.