John Krasinski Becomes The MCU’s Mr. Fantastic In Awesome Fan Art

Fantastic Four
Image via Marvel Entertainment

Based on how fans overreact to anything that they perceive as even the merest slight against them, Marvel Studios would no doubt face huge backlash if anyone other than John Krasinski was cast as Reed Richards in the studio’s Fantastic Four reboot. The 40 year-old has been the favorite for the role ever since Marvel first reacquired the rights, and has already admitted that he’d jump at the opportunity to suit up and join the MCU.

Tenet star John David Washington is also rumored to be in the running, though, with the second generation actor revealing that he’d love to have that particular conversation with Kevin Feige. And without a doubt, either one of them would be a standout choice to lead Fantastic Four.

The team have been the subject of four movies so far, of course, and the results have been less than stellar. The first version was only made to keep hold of the rights and never released, Tim Story’s two efforts could generously be described as mediocre, while Josh Trank delivered one of the worst comic book movies ever seen. Hopes are high for the MCU’s take on the characters, though, and Yadvender Singh Rana has now created some new fan art that imagines The Office alum as Mr. Fantastic, which you can check out below.

There’s no time frame on when we’ll see the Fantastic Four rebooted once again and absorbed into the world’s biggest and most popular franchise, but all signs point to the movie being a long way away yet. Once the casting process begins, however, fans will surely be eager to find out if Krasinski ends up getting the role he’s been earmarked for ever since the latest take on Marvel’s First Family was first announced to be in the works.