John Krasinski Has Reportedly Met With Marvel For An MCU Role

Fantastic Four
Image via Marvel Entertainment

Now that Disney has ownership over the comic book properties that used to belong to Fox, the Fantastic Four will soon get the big screen treatment that they so desperately deserve. After all, Tim Story’s films were entirely forgettable, and Josh Trank’s reboot was not only a huge disaster, but also one of the biggest box office bombs in recent memory. Suffice it to say, then, the supergroup is due for a good movie.

Thankfully, Kevin Feige and his team are more than up to the task and though they’ve been keeping pretty quiet on what they have planned, we do know that a reboot is definitely in the works. Yes, the team is on their way to the MCU and it won’t be long now before we learn which actors will bring them to life.

In fact, while the film isn’t expected to be here until Phase Five at the very earliest, most fans have already decided who they want in the main roles. For one, John Krasinski is a name that’s been constantly put forward for Reed Richards, and it seems like it could actually happen.

According to The Geeks Worldwide, Krasinski has now met with Marvel Studios, though at the moment, they can’t confirm which project it was for. They also can’t confirm if it was for an acting job or something behind the camera. But we imagine that playing Richards was, at the very least, brought up. Even if it’s not exactly what they have in mind.

In any case, it’s hugely exciting to know that The Office star is now in talks with the studio and while nothing is confirmed just yet, Marvel would certainly be smart to snag the actor for their cinematic universe. Be it as part of the Fantastic Four or another role entirely. At this point, we just need John Krasinski in the MCU.