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John Moore To Direct Die Hard 5 But Who Will Direct Red 2?

Die Hard 5 is alive and well even after losing director Noam Murro and having to hire a new director quickly. This week the long gestating sequel in the Bruce Willis franchise signed up a new director.

Die Hard 5 is alive and well even after losing director Noam Murro and having to hire a new director quickly.  This week the long gestating sequel in the Bruce Willis franchise signed up a new director.

John Moore, best known for directing the highly stylized violence of Max Payne starring Mark Wahlberg, has signed on to helm Die Hard 5.

Deadline tells us that Moore beat out the likes of Joe Cornish, director of the popular indie flick Attack the Block and Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn.

Noam Murro was the previous director on Die Hard 5 but the director of Smart People dropped out recently to work on the 300 sequel 300: Battle of Artemisia. It is speculated that Murro beat out Jaume Collet-Serra in a race to get the 300 sequel while Guy Ritchie is said to have passed on the film.

Die Hard 5 isn’t the only sequel that Bruce Willis is attached to. Again from Deadline, Summit Entertainment is moving ahead with a sequel to the surprise hit Red starring Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich. The screenwriting duo behind Red, Erich and Jon Hoeber are said to have been banging out a script for the sequel for a few months now.

Unfortunately, with Summit wanting to get underway soon and Red director Robert Schwentke busy with the supernatural cop movie RIPD with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, there is an opening behind the camera. Speculation on a director for Red 2 currently centers on Sahara director Breck Eisner who is coming off of the modest success of the 2010 horror flick The Crazies.

The makers of Die Hard 5 and Red 2 are planning to be before cameras in 2012 with 2013 release dates in order. What say you Die Hard fans? Are you excited for Die Hard 5? What about Red fans; happy to see the comic get a chance to evolve on the big screen?

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