John Williams Would Like To Score Star Wars Episode VII, Please

I would very much like to quote the Imperial March, but that’s somewhat difficult to do in writing. So I’ll just state that John Williams, who famously scored the original Star Wars trilogy, and everything that George Lucas or Steven Spielberg have ever done, ever, would like to return to scoring duties for Star Wars Episode VII.

Williams has only said that he would “like to come back,” which does not exactly make for a solid contract. There was some talk of Michael Giacchino – the guy who scored Lost, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness – coming to work with Abrams yet again, but this might throw a wrench into the works. After all, do we really want Star Wars and Star Trek to merge into one indecipherable sci-fi entity? What will the Jedis say?

One of the many things that made Star Wars so iconic in the first place was John Williams’s score. While I might not be bowled over by his output – it still sounds like Wagner-lite to me – there’s no doubt that those few bars that explode over the opening credits can still send a chill down your spine. Why replace him, when he wants to do the work? I’m already a bit nervous about J.J. Abrams having control of the two most popular and iconic sci-fi franchises. Perhaps keeping on at least one of the better artists behind Star Wars would not be such a bad idea. Let’s not make Star Wars Episode VII into The Wrath of Vader.

Speaking of tangentially related news items about the Star Wars universe: Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, has abandoned producer-duties on Jurassic Park IV for Star Wars Episode VII. The info came via a tweet from Kennedy’s husband Frank Marshall, who claims that she’s leaving raptors for TIE Fighters. Or perhaps all the roman numerals are confusing her, as they are me.

So that’s the latest Star Wars Episode VII news. Kennedy is on, Williams might be on, and rumors will continue to circulate for at least the next year.

Do you think that John Williams should return to score Star Wars Episode VII? Or is it time for some younger blood? Let us know in the comments.