Johnny Depp Wants To Be Jack Sparrow at Kids’ Parties To Keep The Spirit Alive

Johnny Depp was recently highlighted for his contribution to film with an award at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Depp was given the Donostia Award, and there was an interview process upon the award being received. Depp looked relaxed and happy to be in front of an audience of people who respect his work and his talent.

As reported by Movie Web, the audience was asked not to ask questions that pertained to anything except his career and the award; but Depp did give answers regarding his time as Jack Sparrow and what he hopes for the future with that role.

When asked about portraying Captain Jack Sparrow again, he had this to say.

“I suppose this is the positive side of having, in a strange way, given life to those characters like Captain Jack or whatever character-that I was lucky enough to locate and bring to life the beauty of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Continuing, Depp went on to say that being Jack Sparrow can’t be taken away from him. He can still spread joy as the character and visit people to bring smiles and a sense of magic to people who have loved and followed the character.

“I’ll go to somebody’s house-man, I’ll perform at your kid’s birthday party at this point.” Speaking of visiting children as Jack, he says, “I don’t need a company to do that. I can just do that myself and nobody can take that away — that’s the greatest pleasure of Jack Sparrow. I can travel with Captain Jack in a box-literally Captain Jack in a box and when the opportunity is right and I’m able to go and visit people and places where the smiles and the laughs and the things that are important the most important things in the world are on the line.”

Those at the festival made sure to note that they were inviting Depp because of his incredible contribution to film and made a special mention that Depp has not been convicted of assault against women. The director of the festival, José Luis Rebordinos, said this about the reaction to Depp being invited to the celebration to receive the award.

“We anticipated a debate, a reaction, but maybe not as heightened as it has been. But let’s bear in mind Johnny Depp has not been arrested, charged nor convicted of any form of assault or violence against any woman.”

We love the ideas that Depp has and know there would be many happy people if THE Captain Jack Sparrow showed up at their party.