Johnny Depp’s New Movie Bombs, Earned Less Than $15,000 At Box Office

Johnny Depp's new movie hasn't even charted as one of the fifteen highest-grossing titles of the weekend, which is pretty surprising.

UPDATE: The studio has informed us that despite the release date being listed as February 5th on IMDb, Box Office Mojo, Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing, Minamata did not end up releasing last week and has in fact been delayed until later this year. Hence why it didn’t show up on the box office charts. The article below has also been re-written to reflect this, at the request of the studio.

You can’t say that Johnny Depp‘s army of fans don’t have his back, as they continue with their unwavering support for the fallen star, although they’ve sometimes veered a little too far into fanatical territory. A petition to force the creators behind the Animaniacs revival to apologize for an outdated joke based on a meme failed miserably, while they wrongfully blasted Netflix under the impression that the streaming service were erasing any trace of his existence from the content library.

One of the more wholesome campaigns saw social media users organize a 24-hour marathon of his back catalogue, but it’ll be interesting to see if they end up turning out for his next theatrical release. Biographical drama Minamata was supposed to hit theaters on Friday, and while the reviews have praised the leading man for giving one of his best performances in years, the movie’s now been delayed until later in 2021.


There’ve already been rumblings that Depp loyalists will come out in their numbers to support his newest effort, but it remains to be seen how Minamata will fare when it finally does hit cinemas. After all, all box office numbers have been drastically affected by the Coronavirus pandemic for almost a year now, with Denzel Washington’s The Little Things repeating at number one this weekend after bringing in just $2.1 million, while second spot is occupied by The Croods: A New Age in its eleventh week of release.

Clearly, then, even the bigger titles are struggling to bring in decent numbers. You’d be foolish to underestimate Johnny Depp‘s loyal fanbase, though, and with any luck, they’ll show their support for Minamata whenever it ends up touching down in theaters.