Josh Gad Says He Could Take On Robert Pattinson’s Batman As The Penguin

Batman Gotham

Last week brought the news that Robert Pattinson is Warner Bros.’ top choice for the next Caped Crusader, though subsequent reports have clarified that he’s not locked in just yet for Matt Reeves’ The BatmanOne prospective foe for the Dark Knight is already sizing up the former Twilight star though and thinks he can take him.

Josh Gad has long been campaigning on social media to play the part of the Penguin in The Batman and, following Pattinson’s supposed casting, he returned to the topic on Twitter to comment on the situation. The Frozen actor shared Variety’s write-up of the story and added the caption: “Eh, I could take him.”

Gad’s interest in bringing Oswald Cobblepot to life has gone on for a couple of years now and, luckily for him, there’s a very real chance he could end up portraying the iconic villain. For starters, it’s been confirmed that the Penguin is the main villain of The Batman, though it’ll also sport five others from the Bat’s rogues gallery, including Catwoman and the Riddler.

Not only that, but We Got this Covered recently reported that Gad’s officially in the running for the role. We’ve been told his main competition is Nicholas Hoult. The X-Men star is also linked to the Dark Knight himself, of course, but it seems that, if Hoult doesn’t land the lead, he might end up playing the Penguin instead. He’d be a left-field choice, as Gad fits the classic version of the character, but the same was true of Gotham‘s Robin Lord Taylor and that turned out pretty well.

The Batman is set to start filming towards the end of the year, which means that some concrete casting info should come our way over the next few months. As always, watch this space for more.