Josh Hutcherson Is Spider-Man

The role of Spider-Man for the upcoming reboot of the series has finally been cast! According to Blue Sky Disney Josh Hutcherson (Journey To The Center of the Earth) has been cast in the role.  Many names had been circling around the role for a while including Jamie Bell and Anton Yelchin. Most people were thinking the role would go to Bell, I for one hoped that it would.

Looks like director Marc Webb and Sony liked Hutcherson the best. I don’t think Hutcherson was the best choice, I saw him in the movie Journey To The Center Of The Earth and he wasn’t that great in the role. I was really hoping the role would go to Jamie Bell. At least Hutcherson isn’t the worst choice, at least not in my opinion. I think Yelchin would have been the worst choice for the role. While he was good in the show Huff, he hasn’t done anything else worthwhile since.

It’ll be interesting to see how the film turns out with Hutcherson as the lead. Other possible choices for the role were Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass), Andrew Garfield (The Imaginarium of Doctor Paranssus), Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson), and Alden Ehrenreich (Tetro).

Hutcherson’s next role is in The Kids Are All Right which is hitting theatres July and actually looks quite good.

What do you think of this casting decision?