Subway May Ban Joss Whedon To Support Justice League Snyder Cut


Three things in this life are unending: the universe, the internet’s love of cats (the animals, not the abomination of a movie) and new ways in which tired entertainment news writers have to talk about the Snyder Cut of Justice League. The latest of these is the possibility of Joss Whedon being banned from Subway. Yes, really.

Allow me to explain. In December, Ben Affleck tweeted in support of Feeding America, a charity that operates a network of food banks and soup kitchens across the US. The Snyder Cut account asked Subway for a donation of 10,000 sandwiches over the holidays and an endorsement for their movement, to which the chain agreed to on the terms of 5000 retweets in five hours, reaching the goal in less than two.

One of the principals of the Snyder Cut movement is blaming all of the multiple shortcomings of Justice League on Joss Whedon and the reshoots he undertook. Following this, one fan enquired whether Joss Whedon was allowed in Subway now that it’s officially endorsed Snyder’s semi-mythic vision, and the company’s account responded after being tagged.

214 days, rather than there being any significance to September 20th, refers to the revelation that Snyder’s version of the team up of DC’s heavy hitters runs for that many minutes, equating to just over three and a half hours.

Unfortunately, only a chosen few will ever get to experience the celestial perfection of Zack Snyder’s Justice League if nobody stumps up the estimated $40 million dollars required to finish its visual effects, which Warner Bros. are loath to do for a film that has already lost them so much money. Until then, a myriad of other ways will doubtless allow the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement to remain in the public consciousness, and people like me will keep diligently reporting on it.